Monday, 26 August 2013 14:00

From ugly duckling to handsome Milkshed

We must say that we’re pretty proud of our workshop. But just like the story of the ugly duckling it wasn’t always as handsome as it is now. Not too long ago, three years in fact, our beloved Milkshed was merely a discarded ‘shed’ desperate for some good old-fashioned loving and attention.

The walls, which were caked in decades worth of paint, were marred by dampness and there was dust, lots of dust. In the entrance were large timber doors that had been painted black and in so doing had hidden the beautiful oregan beams that lay beneath.

A memento had also been left behind in the form of grooves in the concrete floor that marked the place where the previous tenants, the Friesland cows, would stand in line to be milked.

A two-phase renovation began with a splash of white paint followed by the screeding of the concrete floor - we were sad to let go of the grooves and the nostalgia that came with them but they did make life in the workshop rather difficult. The sandstone walls and the timber doors were scoured by hand to reveal the history and beauty below. We then extended the shed into the adjacent buildings and with that it took on a whole a new personality – that of the Milkshed, which is now home to a dedicated wood store, a generous workshop, an office, boardroom and light filled showroom. Yes, we couldn’t be prouder.

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