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The Lowdown:

Old people have a lot of value to add! But they are often forgotten about. We work with Noah (Neighbourhood Old Age Homes) a local organisation that helps disadvantaged, vulnerable older people in meeting their basic needs. They set up communal houses for the Oldies, think of it as a digs for older folk, and also provide primary health care at their clinic, social and community activities among other things.

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The Challenge: 

Connect young people, like you, with the Oldies at Noah so we can bring a little sunshine to their lives. Regular individual & group visits. Throw a big Dinner-Disco for the Oldies.

How You Can Get Involved:

Adopt your very own Oldie and commit to visiting him or her once a month. Gather a group of friends and put on a braai or tea for one of the houses. Join a bingo game. Sign up for the big Dinner-Disco!

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