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Fill Malachi’s Pantry

The Lowdown:

Malachi Place of Safety was established in 2005 after the Brummer family volunteered to open their home as a “safe house” for abused and abandoned children. The average time a child spends in the home is one year before the child is re-united with his or her family, goes into foster care or a children’s home. At Malachi, the children are provided with a loving, caring family environment, something many of them are not familiar with, and all the normal everyday needs of children, like food, clothing, medicine and education.


The Challenge:

Help the Brummer’s with their everyday grocery needs. They receive a government grant of R820 per child to cover EVERYTHNG that the child needs – the rest comes out of their own pocket.

How You Can Get Involved:

Sign up to make either a R50 or R100 donation towards the Malachi Grocery fund.

Get Involved

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