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Mrs Zonde's Plastic Gloves

If you ever have the pleasure of Mrs Zonde’s company, you will be quick to find that she is one of the most remarkable women you will ever meet. Despite severe arthritis in her hands she continues to care for the sick on a daily basis, looking past her own pain in order to alleviate the pain of those who fall under her care. A modern day Florence Nightingale she is.

Mrs Zonde started working in home-based care in April 2004 after completing a two-week training course at the Department of Health in Durban only a month earlier. What started as a humble act of care has grown into a successful organization called Siyawamukela Home Based Care that looks after over 700 people in the Sundumbili township in Mandeni. Mrs Zonde and her staff visit members of her community, many of which are bed-ridden and without support, and will bath, feed, care and clean for these patients.

One of Mrs Zonde’s most pressing needs is surgical gloves as this is an essential item in their everyday work. We’d like to provide Mrs Zonde with a three-month supply of surgical gloves for herself and her 20 care-givers.

The Need: 63 x boxes of surgical gloves. Total cost of R3215.40

Call to Action: 32 people to donate R100 each.

To get involved you can drop us a mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or make a donation by clicking here. If you know of a manufacturer that would be willing to get involved please let us know.

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