• breadwinner
  • segment-2lr
  • the mob
  • On Hold

    Handcrafted Wooden Book Display & Shelf
    Looks just as good dressed up with books as it does al natural

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  • Motive

    Handcrafted Wooden Tricycle
    An Heirloom and a toy.

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  • All Nighter

    Handcrafter Wooden Chandelier
    Shine a light on me.

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  • Mess

    Handcrafted Wooden Chopping Board
    Chop, chop.

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  • Breadwinner

    Handcrafted Wooden Desk & Stool
    Where cool kids learn.

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  • Segment

    Handcrafted Wooden Desk Organiser
    Goodbye clutter, hello order.

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  • The Mob

    Handcrafted Shelving System
    Simply add toys, books & chalk doodles.

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  • Editor

    Handcrafted Wooden Anglepoise Lamp
    Overseer of creativity.

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  • Inye

    Hand-turned Wooden Pendant Light
    Made to be marvelled.

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  • Ninja

    Hand-turned Wooden Bedside Lamp
    Lamp on, lamp off.

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Milkshed in a nutshell…

We create handcrafted products using reclaimed wood. We sell them here online. And then we use the profit to do Something Good.



This is where you’ll find your new favourite thing and a range of other things that make it difficult to have just one favourite thing. Go on, have a look.

water bucket


Take a closer look at where these crazy people are channeling their profits. Enter the Goodness.


in the workshop

If you think Santa’s Workshop is magical you aint seen nothing yet. Step inside the Milkshed Workshop for a look at what the team are up to.